VIA ROMANA is an educational project organized by several European schools and funded by the Comenius 1 programme of the Socrates Agency.

     Its main objective is to let our students become conscious of their common heritage and the political community they belong to, specially through the study of the Roman roads that stretched out most European countries at the time. This could be carried out, at least this is our purpose, with the necessary help of those new perspectives opened to us with the use of new technologies.

Countries involved:

Liceo Classico Gualterio de Orvieto

8th Gymnasium Peristeriou de Atenas

I.E.S. Monastil de Elda

Scuola Statale d'Arte Nani de Verona

I.E.S. Núm. 11 de ALICANTE

Scuola Media Diego Vitrioli de Reggio Calabria

Coordinating School: I.E.S. Núm. 11 ALICANTE


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